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Chapter 3: Endless Tales XVI

Wreck-It Ralph was absolutely flabbergasted. He had seen the deliciously colorful and picturesque world of Sugar Rush. He had cowered in fear through the dark and gritty atmosphere of Hero's Duty. He'd even taken a moment or two to stare at the randomly generating trees that surrounded Niceland. Had he ever seen something so vast, so realistic, that he may as well be taking a step through the human world? Absolutely not! The world before Ralph was littered with lush, green rolling hills and medival looking villages. As the train began to slow down, Ralph even noticed that the grass that
was covering the entrance looked authentic.

"Jimminy jimminy..." Ralph muttered under his breath. He opened up the wooden door that kept him from falling out of the train to Endless Tales. The build of the monorail resembled a horse-drawn carriage, and was adorned with steel swords and shields that lined the sides of the vehicle. Ralph pressed one of his ginormous feet against the grassy ground, and smiled as he felt it touch against his skin. Unlike the pixely grass that grew in Niceland, these ones didn't jab their square edges into your bare feet.

"Okay, gotta look for a Rallen Caliber. This shouldn't be too hard." Ralph shrugged, walking towards the village that was before him. Strangely enough, it seemed deserted. There were shops with perfect looking fruits and vegetables set up that were unattended, houses that were boarded up and outhouses that were covered with locks and chains. No one seemed to be around.

"Hello? I'm looking for a Mr. Caliber..." Ralph called out loud, looking around to see if he could find any hint of life. There was only silence.

"Oh, so we're going to be playing it like this, eh?" Ralph sighed, running a hand down his face and adjusting his single overall strap, "My name is Wreck-It Ralph. There is a REASON that I am called that, and I can show everybody what "Wreck-It" means if nobody wants to say anything in here."

A door suddenly swung open, revealing a familiar spiky-haired knight clad in armour. He motioned towards Ralph for him to come in.

"Rallen! Your town is creepy and uninviting, but I found you!" Ralph exclaimed sarcastically, lumbering over to Rallen and looking down to face him, "Hello."

"Hello to you too! What are you doing in here?" Rallen asked quietly. It seemed like he was whispering.

"Well, I wanted to talk to you about something. Something Bad-Anon related." Ralph replied, still keeping his regular booming voice at the same volume.

"Shush! Don't be too loud, they'll hear you!" Rallen snapped, quickly peeking around Ralph as if he was expecting someone to jump out. Ralph turned around and gave the area another quick survey.

"I see where you're coming from." Ralph deadpanned.

"No, not that. L-Look, come inside. They can't find us if you're inside." Rallen stuttered, urgently motioning for Ralph to come in through the tiny door. Ralph shrugged and attempted to squeeze his body through. The whole door instantly gave way and formed a Ralph-Sized hole as he managed to get in.

"I have a buddy that can fix that, don't worry too much." Ralph said sheepishly. Rallen let out a little yelp and began to frantically border up the hole with the broken door.

"You idiot, you've jeopardized the entire town!" Rallen screamed. He reached into a napsack that was sitting beside the door and pulled out a giant Battle-Hammer. Reaching in again, he pulled out a bunch of arrows. Using the hammer and arrows, he began to hammer in the wood so it would cover up the hole.

"Clearly." Ralph muttered. Taking the opportunity, he looked around Rallen's house. It was full of little nick-knacks, like shields, swords, creature skulls and battle-armor. A bed was covered in an ambiguous animal hide, as was a couch. One thing that really caught Ralph's attention was the giant map that was hung above Rallen's fireplace. It had one little O that was near what seemed to be the entrance to the game, and hundreds of Xs that were surrounding the O in a U shaped pattern.

"This might be a really dumb question, but are we the O or the X?" Ralph asked with a hint of fear, slowly starting to understand why Rallen was so frantic.

Rallen didn't even respond, he just reached into his bag and threw Ralph a massive axe.

"Well, at least it comes in my size..." Ralph sighed.


Rallen pointed Ralph over to the giant telescope that was sitting at the far left of his house. Ralph walked over and knelt down so he could take a peek into it. To his horror, a crowd of purple pig-like creatures was violently tearing apart a meaty carcass. In a matter of seconds, there was nothing left but bone. Ralph shuddered and pulled away from the telescope, quickly being reminded of the ever-hungry C-Bugs.

"That's a lot of bad-guys." said a clearly frightened Ralph.

"See, the bad-guys in my video-game don't actually respawn, they regenerate. At the end of the day, everyone that I killed during a game session will come back to life." Rallen explained, nailing in the final arrow into his make-shift wall.

"Why are you hiding then?" Ralph questioned, cocking his head to the side curiously.

"Because I don't respawn!" Rallen snapped, turning around with a clearly exasperated expression.

Ralph grew quiet. He had never heard of a video-game character that didn't respawn.

"One of the biggest changes to the entire FIELD of RPG games that Endless Tales XVI introduced was..." Rallen began to say.

"XVI?" Exclaimed Ralph, "I thought it was just regular ol' Endless Tales."

"We used to be a table-top game, it's all the same thing really. Just a number." Rallen shrugged, "Anyways, whatever character you picked to start you game could actually die if they ran out of HP. When this happened, the next person in your party became the main character. It was revolutionary!"

"And a major inconvenience." Ralph observed, seeing why Rallen was so frightened.

"The only time I can properly kill these Orks is if the game turns on. Then the villagers actually can spend the night NOT cowering in fear." Rallen admitted, looking slightly sheepish, "Me as well, of course."

"So, technically I can't leave." Ralph muttered. If he tried to break out, he'd threaten the Orks hearing his get-away, "Well, I better set up camp. I'd rather not have a Orc invansion destroying the arcade or whatever."

"It's Ork. With a K." Rallen added.

"Are you spellchecking me?" Ralph exclaimed, annoyed.

"No, that's just what they're called in our game."

"And that's such a valid thing to know, isn't it!" Ralph snapped, pressing one of his fists against a wall. Per usual, he used much more force then he should have a blew a hole through it. Rallen yelped again, and Ralph gasped as the entire group of Orks raised their heads and looked in their direction.

"I can really pick a wall." Ralph muttered sadly.
Part three of my little sequel to the upcoming movie Wreck-It Ralph. I'm very fond of the RPG game that I've created for the story. It's a fun rip-off of other RPG games to write for.
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Galimatias123 Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2012
love this! please put vanellope in???
pokeyking Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
I need to get my creative streak going. Everyone will be appearing, I really want to start it up again AFTER the movie is out so I can work without spoilers.
Galimatias123 Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2012
Well, if you need any help...

I just posted my own wreck it ralph story! fluff ahoy! planning on uploading part two of it over the weekend and then putting it onto fanfiction as well! Check it out (or dont if you dont wanna! no pressure, lol!)
pokeyking Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
We'll see! My mission for this story is not to go into fluff territory or any Headcanon. I'm making a complete sequel to the movie that has all of the characters actually IN character.
Galimatias123 Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2012
Cool! Yeah, mine are in character, but not the way you'd want them to be (I wont spoil it to prove my point!!!!). So, if you do need any help!! I'm right here! Ready to talk! LOL, yeah, I go into serious territory far too often. And it's nice to fluff it up once in a while!

Love your story and cant wait to read more!
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